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War Risk
Insurance coverage for loss of goods resulting from any act of war.
A place for the reception, delivery, consolidation, distribution, and storage of goods/cargo.
Warehouse Entry
Document that identifies goods imported when placed in a bonded warehouse. The duty is not imposed on the products while in the warehouse but will be collected when they are withdrawn for delivery or consumption.
Warehouse Withdrawal for Transportation Immediate Exportation (WDEX)
Allows merchandise that has been withdrawn from a bonded warehouse at one U.S. port to be exported from the same port exported without paying duty.
Warehouse Withdrawal for Transportation (WDT)
Allows merchandise that has been withdrawn from a bonded warehouse at one port to be transported in bond to another port, where a superseding entry will be filed.
Warehouse Withdrawal for Transportation Exportation (WDT&E)
Allows merchandise that has been withdrawn from a bonded warehouse at one port to be transported in bond through the U.S. to be exported from another port, without paying duty.
The storing of goods/cargo.
Waybill (WB)
A document prepared by a transportation line at the point of a shipment; shows the point of the origin, destination, route, consignor, consignee, description of shipment and amount charged for the transportation service. It is forwarded with the shipment or sent by mail to the agent at the transfer point or waybill destination.
Abbreviation is WB. Unlike a bill of lading, a waybill is NOT a document of title.
Whether Cleared Customso r Not
Weight Cargo
A cargo on which the transportation charge is assessed on the basis of weight.
Weights and Measures
Measurement ton 40 cubic ft or one cubic meter.
Net ton, or short ton 2,000 lbs.
Gross ton/long ton 2,240 lbs.
Metric ton/kilo ton 2,204.6 lbs.
Cubic meter 35.314 cubic ft.
Well Car
Also known as stack car. A drop-frame Rail flat car.
Wharfage (Whfge.)
Charge assessed by a pier or dock owner against freight handled over the pier or dock or against a steamship company using the pier or dock.
Whether In Berth or Not.
Whether in Free Pratique or Not
Windy Booking
A freight booking made by a skipper or freight forwarder to serve space but not actually having a specific cargo at the time the booking is made. Carriers often overbook a vessel by 10 to 20 percent in recognition that "windy booking" cargo will not actually ship.
Whether in Port or Not
Without Recourse
A phrase preceding the signature of a drawer or endorser of a negotiable instrument; signifies that the instrument is passed onto subsequent holders without any liability to the endorser in the event of nonpayment or nondelivery.
W.M. (W/M)
Abbreviation for "Weight or Measurement;" the basis for assessing freight charges. Also known as "worm." The rate charged under W/M will be whichever produces the highest revenue between the weight of the shipment and the measure of the shipment.
Abbreviation for "With Particular Average."
Western Truck Lines.
Weather Working Days.

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