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International Freight Services, Inc. was established in 1989 by Bob Roubitchek and Larry McCann.

During the 90’s, IFS grew based on growth in imports from Asia, exports to Latin America, and partnering within the United Shipping Network.

In the 2000’s, Bob took over control of the company and experienced continued growth by joining the WCA Forwarder Network, expanding the IFS customer service team, and concentrating on strengthening relationships with vendors, clients, and agents.

Today, Bob Roubitchek with Peter Kajornjit continue to lead IFS to further growth by staying with its core strength and 3 keys to success:

  1. Provide superior customer service, costs saving and  excellent communication to agents and clients
  2. Networking with strategic partners worldwide
  3. Maintaining & strengthening business relationships with partners and clients

Bob Roubitchek ( President )

Bob Roubitchek is President of IFS and has 40 years of experience in the industry. After completing an AIESEC Internship in Porto Alegre, Brasil, he earned his degree in International Business from Northern Illinois University.

Upon graduation, Bob joined Midwest Overseas, Inc. where he earned his first job experience in the shipping industry. His areas of expertise included freight forwarding, account management, ocean export, and two years in outside sales. Bob then joined Radix Group International in Chicago as their Sales Manager, concentrating on territories in the UK, Germany and the Far East.

In 1989, Bob and created IFS…an international freight forwarding company focused on personalized customer service and efficiency. With this approach, IFS maintains long term relationships with its clients, many of whom have referred new business to the company.

Peter Kajornjit ( Vice President )

Peter Kajornjit, Vice President of International Freight Services, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. After graduating from Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University in Bangkok, Thailand, Peter immigrated to the USA in 1994. Peter has worked at both Airline Cargo Service and International Freight Forwarding in the Chicago area. Peter joined IFS in 2000 and has worked in both administration and operations.

2007 / Peter was promoted to Vice President of IFS

2015 / Peter becomes Bob Roubitchek’s partner in IFS

Peter brings expertise, relationship building, customer service, and sales success to IFS which will insure future growth of IFS far into the future.

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